Safe Eggs Television

Eggs Up! with Chef Roddey

Davidson's™ Eggs' own Executive Chef Roddey shares professional tips and tricks for making safe, delicious egg dishes.

Meringue Pies – Our pro shows how to whip up pasteurized egg whites to the peaks of perfection for stand-out pies.

Cheesecake Batter Parfaits – This easy no-bake recipe serves up a surprisingly fresh take on a classic foundation of mouth-watering desserts.

Go old school and learn how to create Caesar Cardini‚Äôs classic salad—fearlessly.

In the Mix

Next stop, culinary adventure! Take a tour of leading-edge and up-and-coming foodservice operations and see how pasteurized shell eggs add taste and creativity to the menu.

Hash House A Go Go – Chicago – Host Niccole Thurman travels to Chicago's Gold Coast to meet Brad Gold of Hash House A Go Go for some "Twisted Farm Food."

Crackin' Edge

Cracking 10 Egg Myths – Do you know the truth about foodborne illness? We crack the myths in this video.

Foodservice operators can get the facts in this video about the risks of foodborne illness from salmonella.

Learn the facts about Salmonella Enteritidis and how to protect against contamination.

Making Shell Eggs Safe

Davidson's™ was founded to make eggs safe using patented Safest Choice™ Technology. Since 2003, the Davidson's Safest Choice® brand has been protecting restaurants and consumers from the risks of unwanted Salmonella bacteria illnesses around the world. Discover the benefits of Davidson's Safest Choice® pasteurized shell eggs at >

Free CE

RDNs, DTRs, Certified Chefs, and CDM, CFPPs: Davidson's™ is pleased to offer you self-study CE programs—free and online! Six of our programs are approved for California REHS and five of our programs are also approved for NEHA.

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